Don't Break Your Wrist

A definitive origin of the phrase is an answer I'm shy of. Perhaps, Natalie Goldberg'sWriting Down the Bones is where it was first introduced to me. Or could it be Sean Connery, in Finding Forrester stressing,"You write your first draft...with your heart." Or maybe it was my pal Syas persuading me to not think so much and instead to just go. So, who came up with the arcane phrase, "Don't break your wrist?"

I had some idea of whom the phrase's praise belonged, but no certainty in my hunch. So, on a reclusive Tuesday I skimmed Goldberg's, Writing Down the Bones, with no luck. I read the majority of Finding Forrester's script, ending empty. And for my final lifeline to figure out the phrase's creator, I called my pal Syas and said, "Yo, remember when we had the 'Don't break your wrist' discussion a while back?" His response, "I have never heard of that expression in my life." I was dumbfounded, thinking: Who could be the source of this pulsing advise? This council that steered my ballpoint to gleeful exhaustion and my fingers frolicking towards the keyboard?

After a drive thru East Baton Rouge alongside an order of beignets, I arrived at the only possible conclusion. I dreamt it. All of it. Every last morsel of the concept. Therefore, I began to decode this whimsical theory myself. This vague suggestion I had been tossing to fellow writers, high school students and random overly interested strangers ever so convincingly. This is what I came up with:

Breaking your wrist; just the thought of it is painful. A navicular fracture. The dreaded nightmare of any pianist, painter or poet. Whereas the warning, "Don't break your wrist" suggests to not let your hand stop for fear of any time your mind may have to figure things out. To keep your hand moving. It's the council of letting your subconscious run the first, I don't know, three legs. It's "The Flow Zone" as so accurately written by Neil Fiore. It's about not giving your wrist a break. Get it? Don't break your wrist?


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