It Was All A Dream

Everyone wants to know why they are here. No one wants to feel like they are just going through the motions of life, only living to pay the bills but not really living.

I think I’ve always struggled with wanting to know and live my purpose. Often these feelings would boil over into frustration, especially when I saw others who had their life mapped out and seemed to be working it. You know the type that went to college, graduated, landed their dream job, and lived happily ever after.

The comparison to others landed me in the awkward position of trying this and trying that, while reaching and achieving some goals along the way. But the issue was that I achieved the goals of other people NOT my own. I was left feeling unsatisfied and back at square one of not knowing or doing what I was purposed to do. I’ve been going through this vicious cycle of trying to figure what IT was, only to continue to be discouraged.

I don’t take going through this cycle for granted, because it showed me a lot of things about myself that I wasn’t aware of. I’m a true believer that every experience you have in life is to better equip you for your dreams/purpose. Don’t ever stop believing that you are here to be amazing and to leave a mark.

Eluding my purpose has taught me:

◦It’s a Journey. I think we have this misconception that there is only ONE plan for our lives. Multiple plans exist for you and me, but we have to focus on one thing at a time. As you grow through life your interest develop and what you are gifted at becomes more evident. Each step you take is an added piece to the puzzle of who you are.

◦It’s Not Easy. You are going to want to quit but don’t. Each time you quit you lose momentum.

◦Failure is your Friend. I have failed at so many things, that I’ve stopped keeping track. But what I am aware of is what failure teaches me each time. We could get so much further if we paid attention to the lessons and applied them.

◦Pay Attention (to the aha moments) this is key. You can take a test, solicit friends, or family members to tell you what you are good at (not knocking any test or friend) but you know you better than anyone else. Start to really pay attention to what you enjoy, gets you excited, or dominates your time.

Finally, I ask you and myself, how would an ideal day look?


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