Under Lock and Key

This world lends itself to such beauty, such power, such inspiration to enlighten the human experience. Driving down a seemingly endless highway surrounded by trees and blanketed by streaks of a sunset's rays through pink and purple clouds is just one example of the natural world's impact on our human experience. Amidst this beauty, it seems almost impossible to think that our own human experiences also lend themselves to pain, suffering, and heartache in this world. But as difficult as our human experiences may be at times, I find myself holding on more and more to the consolation that is the natural world.

A piercingly majestic sunset inspired me today while I was driving. What lies ahead tomorrow?

God tends to keep her best kept secrets and mysteries under lock and key, but I don't think any language has created the precise word to describe the beauty, power, and inspiration she has revealed to us so far. Waking up every day to this realization consoles me. It almost seems poetically paradoxical to think that this beauty also exists amidst desolate human experiences.


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