Against The Grain

As writers we are told to see the world, go beyond our comfort zones and interact with people whose stories are so contrary to our own, so that we can share their unique story mixed with our imagination. This is how the stories of women’s rights, war stories, and the mafia to name a few have emerged onto the big screen. It’s because someone took the time to go beyond their everyday life to shine light on something they thought was of value.

Of course writers want to entertain the audience, but what happens when the same story continues to get told? This rerun is happening right now. We are being given a limited “lens” view of films due to the lack of representation of women behind and in front of the camera. We are overwhelmingly and consistently given the same story. Art imitates life, film is art, but is today’s art influencing us to put women on the back of the bus, or back into the roles of the women in the 50’s and 60’s?

Let us not get pegged into going along with the grain. We are visionaries with a purpose to push against the grain and leave an undeniable mark through our art.

What story will your heart tell?


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