Overcoming Fears in Writing

To me, fear and creation are synonymous in writing. It’s hard for me to even begin a story. Any story. All these ideas will swirl around in my head and I get all excited. A week passes and the ideas still bounce around. I tell someone about it. They get excited, too, and suggest that I jot it down before I forget it. Good idea, I think.

The following day, I sit in front of the computer ready to funnel the ideas onto the screen. *Blank* The cursor blinks and taunts me, silently. My fingers don’t move for the next ten minutes as I wreck my brain for all those cool ideas I just had. Where had they gone?

Twenty more minutes pass, I start to remember some of the ideas and I type. After about a paragraph, I figure out that it's coming out all wrong. Can I even write a coherent sentence?!? Now, I’m angry. So I slam the laptop screen shut and go for ice cream. As I sit inside the ice cream parlor, I ponder life. I question being a writer. I order another scoop of ice cream and ponder some more.

I came to the conclusion that what I was experiencing was fear. Fear of failure in writing. I was so obsessed with the fact that the first sentence was going to be crap that I scared myself to the point where I couldn’t even get a word out. And in order to be a writer, you’ve kinda’ gotta’ write…

If you think about it, everyone has ideas. But what sets the dreamers apart from the doers? Mostly action with a pound of discipline and perseverance.

You may be scared that your story ideas suck, who will read it, and if it’s your best work. But how will you know what it could be until you place some action behind it? Overcome your fears and just write. The more you do it, the smoother and less scary it’ll be. Trust me. I know these things…


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