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Door Is A Jar Literary Magazine is thrilled to announce our nominees for the 2024 Pushcart Prize.

The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses series has been published every year since 1976, and is considered the most honored literary project in America.

Magazines and presses from around the world are able to nominate up to a total of six pieces. The nominations may be any combination of poetry, short stories, essays, memoirs or stand-alone excerpts from novels published in the current calendar year.

We expect to hear a response sometime in Spring 2024.

This is the first time Door Is A Jar has submitted to the Pushcart Prize (ever!), so please congratulate our nominees and wish them lots of luck!

Issue 26 Spring 2023


book club by Christine Brooks


Read Me in Braille by Carella Keil

Issue 27 Summer 2023


The Balance of Trees by Andy Perrin

Issue 28 Fall 2023


Splinters by Jessica Whipple

Leviathan by Will Baker

Issue 29 Winter 2023


Dark Roast by Bailey Swinford