Door Is A Jar Literary Magazine is looking for well-crafted poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, artwork, and book reviews for our print and digital publication. Please read over these submission guidelines carefully and look at our current and archived issues before submitting your work.

Our publication steers away from academic writing and publishes short, conversational works that use familiar language. Each new issue features artists and writers and works that are accessible for all readers.

Our issues are don't have specific themes, and we accept all genres and literary styles.

Submit all work in Times New Roman font size 11

We only accept new, unpublished work. If you have posted something to your website or social media, this counts as being published.

For book reviews please include the following information: the title, author, publisher, year of publication, page count, ISBN, and price.

Under the "Title(s)" section, please list all the titles of the pieces you are submitting, and not something general like "My Poems". Make sure you are consistent with how you present the titles in your attached document and in this space.

If you are unable to fit all the titles into the "Title(s)" section, please list them in your cover letter section of the submission form.

Please provide your name as you would like published, email, mailing address, and a fun 3-sentence bio. (We're not as interested in how many degrees you have, or how widely you've been published. Instead, we want to hear about the real you. We want to know about the little things that spur you along.)

Contributors can submit to multiple categories; however, only submit once to each category until you have received our decision about your piece.

Be the sole author/ creator of your work. We do not publish collaborative pieces.

Do not send in writing or art that was created using Artificial Intelligence. Submitting work generated by A.I. technology will be considered as plagiarism.

You will receive an acceptance or rejection letter from our editorial staff within 6 months from the day of submission.​

We accept simultaneous submissions; however, please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. If accepted, please withdraw the piece from other publications.

We reserve first initial publishing rights, and the rights reprint right to use quotes or pieces for promotional use. We do not pay contributors at this time, but we will send out a contributor copy.

Please note that submissions that exceed word counts or maximum amount of material will be disqualified from consideration.

Submissions are only accepted through our website. Any submissions sent directly to our email will be deleted without response.

If you have trouble uploading your file, the problem could have been an issue when saving, which corrupted the file, or your computer could have virus. Some people have had issues when downloading files from Google Documents. The best way around this is to copy and paste the document into a new .docx and trying to submit again.


  • Submit 3-5 poems as a .doc or .docx
  • Each poem should not exceed more than page in length
  • For us, a full page in the correct font and size is 31 lines long
  • The longest a single line can be before you need to cut it off or dropped to the next line is 3.5"

Poetry Submission


  • Submit up to 2 pieces of fiction as a .doc or .docx
  • Each individual piece between 10 and 1,000 words
  • Section breaks are fine, but do not add extra spaces between every paragraph

Fiction Submission


  • Submit up to 2 pieces of nonfiction as a .doc or .docx
  • Each individual piece between 10 and 1,000 words
  • Section breaks are fine, but do not add extra spaces between every paragraph

Nonfiction Submission


  • Following the Standard American Format 
  • Submit up to 2 short plays. Each play can range between 1 and 10 pages in length as a .doc or .docx.

Drama Submission


  • Submit 3-5 photos, drawings, paintings, comics or digital artwork as individual high-quality JPEG files.
  • All images in color will be considered for cover art.
  • Please keep that in mind when submitting your images that the interior of the paperback version of our magazine currently prints in black and white. The digital version has full color.

Art Submission

Book Reviews

  • Submit no more than 2 book reviews as a .doc or .docx
  • Each individual review should not exceed 1,000 words
  • Reviews can cover books in genre including poetry collection and anthologies
  • We will only consider reviews on books that have been published within the last 2 years

Review Submission

Submission Withdrawal

If you wish to withdraw a submitted piece/s you may do so here.

    Submission Withdrawal