Every year, the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (or AWP) has a big writer's conference and bookfair. This year it was at the convention center in Seattle, WA. While our editors have attended the conference before, this was the first time Door Is A Jar Literary Magazine had a table at the event. In fact, this was our first in-person event for our magazine ever!

You could find us at T1735
The table, plain and humble

Since this was our first big outing, we wanted to make sure our table really popped!

There was no heat in the convention hall that first day, which was a great motivator to get our table set-up as quickly as possible

Our cover art turned a lot of heads and many people stopped to complement the magazine.

IMG 4379
IMG 4380
IMG 4381

It was exciting to meet so many new people interested in writing and art. And it was extra exciting to meet so many contributors in person for the first time! Here are some pictures of people posing with their copies of the magazine.

IMG 0473
IMG 4387
IMG 0474
IMG 4389
IMG 4396
IMG 4399
IMG 4401
IMG 4406
IMG 4407

We also got a great response on the Issue 26 Spring 2023. It was an early AWP exclusive (because it wasn't appearing on the newsstand until April 6th, 2023)

You can now find Door Is A Jar on the newsstand and Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million nationwide!

You can also order your copy here:


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Thank you to everyone who bought a copy or signed up for our newsletter. We talked to so many creative people. It is truly great to be part of such a strong and supportive writing community!
We're looking forward to seeing everyone next year at AWP 2024 in Kanas City

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