Summer 2024

Official Release Date: June 4th, 2024

Issue 31 Summer 2024 features the creative works of 42 contributors from all around the world.

Karen Baumgart

Jack B. Bedell

Joe Bisicchia

Megan Busbice

Linda Conroy

Jesse DeLong

Steve Denehan

Carrie Esposito

Julia Fennell

Stephanie Frazee

Emilio Gomez

Jordan M. Griffin

Suzanne Grove

Dane Hamann

KateLynn Hibbard

Billie Hinton

Taya Sanderson Kesslau

Vignette-Noelle Lammott

Hiram Larew

Kyle Brandon Lee

Peter Lilly

Natalie MacDonald

Fiona Mossman

Thu Anh Nguyen

Andy Perrin

Eli V. Rahm

Erin Ratigan

Nicole Reese

Russell Rowland

Claire Scott

Donald Sellitti

Burcu Seyben

Kristy Snedden

Bruce Southers

Edward Michael Supranowicz

Kailey Tedesco

Samantha Terrell

Michael Thériault

Ashley Wagner

Scott Waters

Connor Watkins-Xu

Kate Welsh


Haze by Dane Hamaan Art
On the Death of a Moth by Stephanie Frazee
Shadowboxing by Jack B Bedell